Jane Visser

I joined CrossFit Nepean around the end of September 2018 and it is awesome.

I was welcomed from the first class and everyone is super friendly.

I am a little older than everyone else I train with and was a bit nervous but Dan has a great team and the knowledge they have makes every workout a challenge for all members of all levels of fitness. I am happy to say that I can now do most workouts on the scaled version and I am certainly getting stronger and fitter.

I would definitely recommend Nepean CrossFit to everyone it’s never to late to look and feel fabulous with a bunch of amazing people.

-Email Review

Andrew Smith

I joined Nepean crossfit in Sept 2016

I weighed 95kg and my fitness level allowed me to last a massive 5 min on any physical challenge

I wanted to regain some of the energy I used to have as a younger man in order to improve myself both physically and mentally

I found all the trainers to be very approachable and knowledgeable

I  have also found a community that has helped me dramatically while making it enjoyable at the same time

Now I weigh 82Kg

I can do more physical activities than I had ever thought I could

This has changed not just me, but my family as well

I highly recommend these guys for anyone looking to improve themselves

-Facebook Review

Matt Walker

Seems to be an all to common story….
Myself and countless others I’ve spoken to all say the same thing

“I feel uncomfortable at the gym”

“I feel like everyone is watching me and judging me”

It’s not an easy thing to overcome

Nepean CrossFit changed all that

The Coaches and members made me feel welcome from the very start

It’s like working out with a bunch of mates

The beauty of it all is you learn from each other

I can honestly say this place changed my life and I’m forever grateful

-Facebook Review

Fiona Bushell

It really is amazing here

Everyone makes you feel welcome, the trainers know everyone by name and notice if you don’t attend-not like other gyms just looking to get paid!!

Each season is like a personal training session with everyone encouraging you to do your best

Being a larger, older lady, I’ve never felt silly or self conscious which is awesome

This place rocks!

-Facebook Review

Emily Dewhurst

Nepean is more than just a crossfit box or place to get fit

It’s an amazing community with all different kinds of like-minded people

Plus the coaches are pretty cool

-Facebook Review

Aaron Duke

Nepean CrossFit is a great gym and an even better community

I’ve been so encouraged by the support of everyone on my fitness journey

Bless up!

-Facebook Review

Dan Keane

Awesome people there keep you motivated and keep it fun, the trainers are fantastic and know their stuff and the facilities are second to none

-Facebook Review

 Nathan Falzon

If you want to get fit

Look no further

Nepean CrossFit is a great place to train with awesome coaches

Best community in Penrith

-Facebook Review

Jesse Vicary

Yep, that’s me. I might be smiling but that’s possibly because I was full of wine and at an 80’s formal themed hens night

Deep down, I was sad

I was unhealthy

I was unfit

I never wanted my photo taken

I hated going out

I was in a bad way

To be completely honest, people will never know this version of me again, FUCK THAT!!!

In the last 8 years, I have changed a lot to get to where I am today

My mindset, lifestyle and diet received a complete overhaul

This all led to the person who I have become today

The road was not easy

It was full of bumps along the way

3 kids, divorce, finding new friends, losing sight in one eye, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis…

I could let these things destroy me, or use them as fuel for my FIRE!!!

I chose to see the positive in every situation

And that choice starts with changing my MINDSET

I have learnt a lot about myself in my journey

I am comfortable in my own skin today

I LOVE who I am today

Small changes over time can make a difference

CrossFit has changed my life

-Client Testimony

Michelle Sharkey

Nepean CrossFit is the only CrossFit place u need to be in Penrith!

Join up people!

-Facebook Review

Sam Penton

“Hey look everybody! Sam does CrossFit”

Of course I do CrossFit, everybody my age does CrossFit

It’s the coolest



You ain’t cool, unless you do CrossFit

WOW! Hey man. Craig does CrossFit too. Alright!

If doing CrossFit is cool, consider me Johnny

-Facebook Review

Rachael Thomas

Awesome place to train

Amazing people and the best community

Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and supportive

They make working out more enjoyable and fun!

-Facebook Review


Nepean CrossFit is a great place to train in Penrith

It has a great community

I have been there for 9 months now and my performance has come a long way

-Facebook Review

Rhyss Harwood

All coaches listens to my concerns and are extremely talented in what they do

There are many Crossfit gyms in Penrith but this place is World class

-Facebook Review

Tracey Villanueva

Awesome place to train

Great coaches in a motivating and fun environment!!!

-Facebook Review

Phillip Leonard

Dropped in on a Saturday morning with my girlfriend

Loved the workouts and we were both made to feel very welcome

Well organised superbly ran box

Thanks for looking after us!


-Facebook Review

Melissa Friend

A++ CrossFit box

Where achieving your fitness goals is possible through great coaches, facilities and a friendly supportive community


-Facebook Review

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