Lift Heavy Often with EZ Muhammad


Lift Heavy Often

Lift Heavy Often seminar

Saturday 24th August 2019, 11:30am

limited spots

1 day, 4 hour seminar + meet & greet
Weightlifting seminar hosted by Elijah “EZ” Muhammad. In this one day, four and a half hour seminar we will cover squat mechanics, snatch, and clean & jerk.
Take part as EZ demos each lift and critiques you, while giving you pointers on better position.
We will end the seminar with a Q&A, so have your questions ready!

Let’s have some fun! Hope to see you there. #liftheavyoftenasineveryday

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Product Description

Elijah “EZ” Muhammad.

6 x CrossFit regional competitior

2 x CrossFit games competitor.

All round good guy.

Husband and father of 4.

Former D1 collegiate basketball player & Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach for Tennessee Tech University.

Gym owner and athlete.


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