How ‘fit’ do I have to be to be able to do CrossFit?

CrossFit is available to ALL fitness levels at Nepean CrossFit. To get you started all new members will attend a minimum of three private coaching sessions to teach them all of the associated movements needed to participate in the CrossFit Classes. While we are doing that, you will gain a better understanding on where your needs lie and what is required in order to achieve your goals. Whether that be to start classes, or continue private coaching; we will make sure you are comfortable in your decision.

Am I too young or too old to do CrossFit?

We start them as young as 7 years of age, all the way up to 107. CrossFit knows no age limits and we encourage those of any age to join our community at Nepean CrossFit in Penrith, NSW.

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Do you offer child care or are young children allowed in the gym?

At Nepean CrossFit we have a separate play area for children with toys, books and safe activities for children to do while their parents are taking classes at the gym. The play area is in full vision and earshot, so supervision over your children will always be accessible.

We’re happy to have kids around, and encourage parents to have no hesitation joining the community along with their children. Once they hit the appropriate age (7+), we also have CrossFit Kids and Teens classes available.

Will I get injured by doing CrossFit?

While we do not feel that CrossFit imposes significant risk beyond any other gym-based fitness activity, it is generally accepted that the possibility for injury exists in various domains from minor abrasions to more severe musculoskeletal injuries. Ways to reduce the risk of injury involve properly scaling exercises to ability level and paying attention to biological indicators of pain and stress.

“Anyone who trains seriously for any length of time is going to sustain an injury. This is simply a law of nature and no one, as of yet, has found a way to avoid it”

Where is Nepean CrossFit located?

One of the largest CrossFit Gyms in Western Sydney, Nepean CrossFit is located in southern Penrith, NSW. Nepean Crossfit is easily accessible from the M4 via Mulgoa Road and accessible from the Northern Road via Jamison Road. It is located on Regentville Road between Batt Strett and Preston Street.

Nepean CrossFit Address: Unit 13 & 14, 61 Regentville Road, Jamisontown, NSW,

Is CrossFit another fad exercise plan?

CrossFit is definitely not another fad. With more than 15,000 CrossFit affiliates all over the world, CrossFit is here to stay.

What truly sets CrossFit apart from other fitness programming is the worldwide community that actively participates in making CrossFit inclusive and exciting.

More than 324,000 CrossFitters participated in the worldwide CrossFit Open competition in 2016, a steady increase from the first Open in 2011 with just over 26,000 people. Hundreds of thousands of participants take part in CrossFit fitness classes at local affiliates as well as thousands more who follow CrossFit programming from their home gyms. The CrossFit community is a wide-reaching population of like-minded individuals seeking improved fitness, nutrition and quality of life.

Do you offer private training plans?

Yes we do. We offer distance coaching and private coached sessions. In the distance coaching, we will either start you off with a phone call or chat in person to establish what your goals are. From there we will conduct some initial testing to see where your base level of fitness and strength is currently. After that we will tailor make a program to suit you and the progress of your goals.