3 Sets

4 x Strict Pull-ups
8 x Kipping Pull-ups
2-4 x Bar Muscle-ups


4 x Strict Pull-ups
6 x Kipping or jumping Pull-ups
4 x Strict Pull-ups

Scale where you need to. Do as much RX as possible.
Try to do the complex without coming off the bar

Butterflies are allowed

Same Sex Teams of 2:

15min AMRAP of:

Buy In: 10 Alternating Burpee Box Overs
25 x Hang Power Cleans
30 x Front Squats
35 x Shoulder to overhead
40 x Back Squats
Cash out: AMRAP Burpee box jump overs with remaining time

RX: 155/105#
Scaled/masters: 115/75#

Bar cannot touch ground once the clock has started
6 Burpee penalty (3 Each member)

Burpees must be done alternating
Barbell movements can be split however between members
Complete all reps before moving on to the next

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