Senior Fit – Fitness for over 55’s

Fitness classes for over 55’s who are young at heart!

Stay fit and healthy

If you’re over the age of 55 and want to stay fit and healthy, our seniors classes can help. We offer personalised exercise and movement programs in a safe and comfortable environment.

Overseen by a qualified fitness professional and a Physiotherapist.

Regular exercise is a great way to create a happier and healthier you:

• Control weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and bone/joint problems

• Maintain or increase joint movement

• Prevent falls and injuries

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Boost self-confidence.

What we offer

• The support of accredited Physiotherapist

• Group exercise activities

• The chance to meet new people and have a chat

• Movement assessments and follow up consultations with a Physiotherapist.

• Constant program evaluation every 9 weeks with a Physiotherapist, to make sure your program continues to suit your needs and goals

• Advice and help with reducing your risk of long term health issues

• Flexible and affordable payment options

• Classes capped at 8

• 9 week cycle

• $120 initial Physiotherapist consultation

• 9 week follow up consultation (included in class prices

• $30/class on direct debit if doing one class per week (this includes week 9 follow up Physiotherapist consultation)

• $25/class on direct debit if doing 2 classes per week. (this includes week 9 follow up Physiotherapist consultation)

• Minimum commitment 9 weeks.

(private health rebates may be available on Physio consultations and/or classes. Check with your private health insurance provider)

To get started:

Step 1: click below and we will book you in for your initial Physiotherapist consultation.

Step 2: sign up for your 1st classes either 1 or 2 per week.

Step 3: attend class and start your fitness and health journey